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What I Wrote Two Years Ago

26 Sep

One of the few perks of “tidying up” (besides acquiring hopefully more space) is discovering things that have been lost in the abyss of your room/house/bag/domain. Sometimes, you may discover something you wrote down from a bygone age. Two to three years in my case. It can be interesting reading these things because it gives you insight how you thought at that specific time. You can see how you’ve changed in a relatively short space of time; hopefully for the better. This is what I wrote. This was as a result of experiencing the MOBA playerbase:


Hypocrisy. Irony. Stubbornness.¬†Arrogance. Ignorance. Selfishness. Greed. Over-shadows love and compassion. What does one do? Succum and accept it’s human nature to be evil? Or stay strong but sad…

Sad only because you care. Angry because you care. You care that people live shallow lives. People use the excuse of game to express these negative traits. It’s not fair on others. It’s selfish to be naive. Why?

That said… people are very manipulative. Maybe I can use this for betterment of themselves, or myself… That would be human though to make it benefit myself only. Is the reason why I prefer animals to people is that i am ashamed of my own species?

I see irony everywhere… when I grew up… and even now. “You’re weird,” well… look… YOU’RE also weird. Shut the ****up.

Humanity causes me sadness and frustration.

And now to speak in a Christian context. By observing other people you can see that it is indeed human nature to sin. Especially in competitive gaming where a stressful environment erodes people’s stamina or tag of “game” prevents some people from having consideration towards others. It can be sad in that environment feeling like you’re the only person not being an arse hat. But there are others like you. You just have to look for them and pay notice.

It’s a positive trait to care for others. But if that trait is causing you anger or frustration, then it is no longer positive. It is not your burden to bear. You may spend your whole life observing other people and there will probably still be mysteries. I don’t think I’ll ever understand stubborn naivety. It’s also not my position to judge others. I do not gain from concluding certain people live shallow lives. Give them help or aid if they need it, but judging achieves nothing.

People can be manipulated. But manipulating people for their own good is not good. It’s the good deemed in my eyes and not in the objective sense. Humanity has done a lot of horrible things. Humanity does a lot of horrible things. Humanity has done a lot of good things. Humanity goes a lot of amazing things. Animals are innocent and act on instinct (it can be argued that some species can act on something above instinct).

People will always be hypocritical. It is a judgement on themselves as opposed to you.

Yeah, this turned out to be a response to myself. I thought I’d share this because I found what I wrote interesting. I found it interesting how close and yet so far I was from how I think now. I shared it because it might be relatable? I would be surprised if I was the only one who got frustration and anger from a caring personality.

I guess I can add to my list of perks to tidying up: You can make a blogpost out of it on a blog which no one reads!