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We are all different. We are all more similar than we realise.

7 Nov

We are all different. We are more similar than we realise.

These are two statements that exist. Two statement that seem both equally true.

As people, we are unique. We have our own unique skills and interests. Even within the same interest there are difference. I am a musical person. I can play the violin decently. I have a friend who can play a whole plethora of instruments. He was recently on tour with his band supporting the singer Foxes. We are both musicians, but he’s a different musician from me. In the church band where I play, I am not the only violinist. But we are all unique as violinists. There are overlaps with people, but it’s never a copy and paste identical clone of yourself.

At the same time we all seem to have the same fears or concerns. Worry about family, fear of finance and social anxieties.

So, how can we all be unique and yet be so similar at the same time? Surely these two statements contradict each other?

Well, only if you choose. We are both unique and similar at the same time. We simply don’t have the words (in english anyway) to express these two statements as one.

What other statements seems equally true but appear to contradict each other? Do they only contradict because you cannot imagine how they can both be true?

A classic is the concept of the creation of the world. Why must there be black and white. Why must a side be chosen? There is no shame to sit on a fence. True if you stay sitting for too long you may develop a blood clot or get splinters. But on the fence you can see both sides. You can scout and decide how far you want to walk as well. Frustratingly, the analogy I chose contradicts my statement of “QQ Y must there be sides?” That’s just who I am as a person. My thoughts keep contradicting themselves. But perhaps it’s not a contradiction. It’s simply a lack of imagination that causes it to be a contradiction. I am not imaginative enough to express what I truly think.

I think what matters is: Knowing that you are unique is encouragement. Be yourself (as long as it’s not being destructive to others, yourself or your environment.)

But also it’s an encouragement that everyone shares the same doubts and fears as you. You probably won’t have been the first person in history to have the same crisis as you.