Review of Ability Draft Combinations 2

17 May

Welcome to the second part of the series about my own personal experience with Ability Draft Combinations. Note, that the statistically likelihood of getting the exact same combination is remote. This guide is more for exploring what you should aim for when playing Ability Draft. Such as what to [b]avoid picking[/b]. Some abilities may look great on paper, but in reality are not as awesome as one would thing.


Bane (blamsplosions)



  • Arc Lightning
  • Lucent Beam
  • Shackles
  • Eclipse


(LOST) A very nukey build as one would expect. Shackles offer some team support by providing additional split damage. That’s sort of it. This sort of build is either go BIG (able to splatter everyone) or go HOME (enemy starts having the durability to shrug off your damage, thus you are now weak).


The next one was very fun.

Warlock (Helldragon)



  • Liquid Fire
  • Ice
  • Dragon Breath
  • Dragon

(WIN) It’s a marriage of Jakiro’s Abilities with Dragonite’s, ahem Dragon Knight. You get insane range with it which is mightily fun. You act as a big scary sniper dragon during your Ultimate, which we all know Dragons are amazing markspeople. Ice is very useful as a team support ability and your own personal support. Stunning the enemies in a line is great for any role.

My item build I chose in the game was:

  • Ghost Marchers
  • Linken Sphere (for regeneration and a smidgen of damage
  • Life Steal
  • Crit

I was basically trying to build what Dragon Nyte would build as an Int hero.

I found Warlock had strong early game harassment from Liquid Fire. Last hitting was great too.

BKB would be a great option, but I didn’t need it in the game I was in (I thought).

Not the most broken combination in Ability Draft, but it felt very strong. It was also fun to play which is nice (sometimes being strong isn’t being fun). Squishier than Dragonknight as more focus was put into Carry-Damage so would likely die to assassination attempts.


That’s the end of part 2. I haven’t had the chance to play more Ability Drafts (where I recorded what happened), so I guess I need to do some of that for some more content. It will be Pokemon talk otherwise.


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