Review Of Ability Draft Combinations

28 Apr

This will hopefully be part of a series of articles. I will give a combination of abilities on a hero and I will give feedback based on what happened.

Do bear in mid, that due to the nature of Ability Draft, it is unlikely that you will get the identical combination yourself. You also need to consider that another player may snipe an ability off you which you were aiming for. This has happened to me before when “building my hero”. This article is less about “good and bad builds for Ability Draft in DotA2” and more about “if you pick this combination of abilities on this sort of hero, this is what happened to me”. It’s data to consider rather than a conclusion to use. I will also say if I won or lost. I had played Ability Draft as part of Solo queue, which I think is a fairer representation of DotA2. A group of 5 strangers trying to function as a team. Sure a group of 5 friends might have potentially better co-ordination, but it’s much harder to comment negatively on each other’s playing.






  • Greater Bash
  • Light Strike Array
  • Split Earth
  • Nether Strike


(WON) Spiritbreaker acted as an AOE disabler. Scepter was a viable item to consider as it helped his Attack Speed, Damage and Mana Pool. I picked up an Urn to improve my regen as I was ganking a lot. He was sort of able to act a soft initiator, but his squishiness made it risky to play like that. His early game required good mana management and he wasn’t really able to solo gank. He was more suited for group ganks or minor skirmishes.


Elder Titan



  • Chain Lightning
  • Static Field
  • Static Remnant (I meant to pick up Overload. Storm Spirit’s ability icons look similar)
  • Weave (Some other player took Ball Lightning before I could)


(WON) I spent most of my time at range spamming Chain Lightning. Static Revenant was used when enemies got close. Weave offered a little team support. Bloodstone was definitely vital.


Crystal Maiden



  • Berserker Blood
  • Drunken Brawler
  • Malefice
  • Overgrowth

(WON) The build was silly, but it worked. Helm of Dominance and Rod of Atos worked well for me. She worked like an Intelligence Huskar. The Evasion from Drunken Brawler worked well with Berserker Blood.


See you around next time for some more Ability Draft Review.




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