How To (Not) Play DotA2 (again)

27 Feb

Here are some more things you should be aware of if you want to win as a team in DotA2:

1) Try to avoid sending the player who has bought wards/a courier mid. He’ll be at a 150g disadvantage.

2) If your lane partner has creep pulled, avoid tanking the enemy creeps next to your tower. The tower will kill/hurt the enemy creeps, undoing what your partner was trying to achieve. Also it’s hard to compete for last hits against a  tower of death,

3) If an ally has D/C, don’t get them killed. It’s still feeding. It’s also harder to control two heroes at once.

4) Try to pick a support. They are helpful. Too many carries means too much competition for farm.

5) If lanes can be (safely) pushed, don’t jungle for farm. Pushing will give you more gold and experience and benefit your team more.

6) During the lane phase, be aware of your positioning especially against enemies with stuns or snares. One bad position will result in death, and a harder lane from then on.

7) If your in-game score is not great, don’t accuse others of feeding. It’s just hypocritical.

8) Don’t be a hypocrite in general.

9) Don’t pick a hard carry against a pushing enemy line up. The enemy will make it harder for you to succeed as with each tower felled, the enemy will be more farmed, and the jungle will be harder to farm.

10) Don’t queue for English speaking servers if you’re unable to read/type/speak/understand English. It’s for the sake of communication. DotA2 isn’t a single player game.


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