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Pokemon Trick Room-Hailish Team. V1

14 Dec

The team I have built with 6 Pokemon I really like is:

Trick Room Team (with added Hail).

The Hail isn’t exploited. It’s just an added bonus and used to hurt walls.

I will list each Pokemon on the team and describe why they’re on the team.



Magic Guard Ability

Life Orb

Relaxed/Sassy Nature

Max SPA EV. ~190 HP EVs. ~60 Def Evs.

Trick Room. Psychic. Focus Blast. Shadow Ball.

Reuniclus sets up my Trick Room. It is a tankish Pokemon that is slow. It will benefit from the Trick Room. Magic Guard protects it from indirect damage (status affects, weather, Life Orb). It can carry a Life Orb and not be punished for it. It has offensive moves to help its team sweep. If I start with Abomasnow, I will need that extra bit of damage to hurt the enemy. Abomasnow (as you’ll see) will not invest in any offensive EVs, so Reuniclus offers that extra bit of damage. The move types are there to cover all bases. Focus blast is very useful. But it is inaccurate.

Taunt cripples this guy. He is slow. A faster Pokemon can taunt Reuniclus at the start of the match and essentially cause me a loss. What’s worse is that taunt users are generally Dark types; they get 2x damage bonus with Dark moves. I was told ‘Magic Bounce’ ability would prevent the taunt lock down: but I would need to find a Pokemon I like who has it, who can learn Trick Room and is slowish.





Max SPAttck EV

Max HP Rv

Rest in Defence.

Earth Power. Lavaplume/Flameburst. Ancient Power. Protect.

A slow Pokemon I like the look of. It has awful base HP and its base defence stats are equal, which means it can’t really specialise as a quirky tank/wall. It’s base SpAttack is decent, which means it has the potential to be a great Trick Room sweeper. Leftovers are used because he has Protect, but also he still has some defence. I don’t really know a better item to give him at the moment.

I have rarely had an effective use of Earth Power. I have mostly been using Lava Plume (whilst his partner Protects) and Ancient Power. Lava Plume brings the damage. However, Ancient Power (with a Base Power of 60) is “not bad”. I’m on the fence at whether I should investigate replacing him.



Choice Specs


Max Sp. Attack and HP EVs. Put the rest in either Sp Def or Def.

Dark Pulse. Sludge Bomb. Protect. Giga Drain/Flamethrower/Dragon Tail.

Seviper is a strange Pokemon. It’s slowish and has average defence. It also has equal Attack and Sp Attack, which means you can build it anyway you want. This Seviper ended up being Special Attack due Crawdaunt and Marowak being on my team. I haven’t used Dragon Tail yet, so you could do very well without it. I read somewhere in a Trick Room environment, it has the highest priority instead of lowest (like in normal conditions). Since this team is about raw sweeping (it seems), I have never needed to force the opponent to switch. With Choice Speccs as well, it would lock you into Dragon Tailing in till you switch Seviper out. Choice Speccs does make Sludge Bomb painful. Since XY added Fairies, you might appreciate the 2x (in less you’re facing Mawile or Klefki; Steel is Immune to Poison Type).



Rock Head (Electric Types aren’t that common. Therefore you can’t really justify Lightning Rod at the moment)


Thick Club

Max HP and Attack EVs. Put rest in Spec Def.

Earthquake. Double-Edge. Aerial Ace. Stone edge/Sword Dance.

You have a choice between an inaccurate Rock type move that is 4x effective vs Talonflame and Charizard(Y), or Sword Dance that drastically increases your Attack but uses up 1 turn of Trick Room. If you had a second Trick Room user, Sword Dance would be less risky option. Earthquake is nice because 3/6 of the Pokemon on the team have Protect. Aerial Ace is there to help Marowak deal with Grass type threats better (in Gen V he had access to Fire Punch).



Adaptability (is prefered, but it is a Hidden Ability. You can use the normal abilities, but it means Waterfall and Crunch does 25% less damage. It depends on how badly you want to use Crawdaunt. If you don’t have access to an Adaptability Crawdaunt and you’re indifferent, there are probably better slower Water Types out there. This team is personal to me. I like the aesthetics of all 6 Pokemon listed)


Max HP and Attack. Rest in either Def or Sp Def.

Superpower. Waterfall (Crabhammer). Crunch.Toxic

Crabhammer does more damage than Waterfall, even if you take into account averages. But Waterfall is a 100% hit. I prefer reliability. I don’t like relying too much on RNG. Night Slash is an alternative to Crunch, but Crunch is better over-all. Crunch does more reliable damage, and the proc of Crunch is more useful than a freak crit. Toxic is there to murder any walls (Tank Pokemon). Toxic does more damage overtime. In some cases, you can put Toxic (and Abomasnow Leach Seed) on a tank, and just ignore them. My Crawdaunt doesn’t have Adaptability, so i am indecisive if I should replace him. I need a Water type to counter any fire threats to Abomasnow, but Crawdaunt still does good damage without his Hidden Ability. The move I use the most on him is Superpower because there seems to be a lot of threats that need a fighting move used on them.



He is essentially my main sweeper.



Max HP and Sp Def. Rest in Def.

Leach Seed. Blizzard. Wood Hammer/Grass Knot. Protect.


I prefer Wood Hammer over Grass Knot because it lets Abomasnow act as either an Attack Sweeper or a Special Attack Sweeper. I have had no problems with KO’ing victims that would take 2x from Wood Hammer. It lets you be flexible with who gets sent out. It lets you navigate around Barriers put up by the enemy. Leach Seed is used to drain Tanks and other durable Pokemon. If you feel confident you won’t take heavy damage, put a Leach Seed up on the most tanky enemy Pokemon. Blizzard gets 100% Accuracy in Hail. Hits both enemy Pokemon. Has a small chance to Freeze. I don’t rely on the Freeze, but it helps. Hitting two targets increases the chance of a Freeze happening, if the enemy doesn’t faint.

I often start with Reuniclus and Abomasnow. Reuniclus immediately uses Trick Room. Abomasnow always uses Protect. I have tried opening with aggression with Abomasnow, but it’s always ended badly. Abomasnow either gets a status condition or takes heavy damage (or even KO’d). Always worth using Protect.

I also don’ start with a Mega Evolution. Why? Because if Abomasnow is using Protect, he doesn’t need to Mega Evolve. Also, the enemy might use a Weather move first turn. Therefore, next turn when you start the aggression you Mega Evolve. You Mega Evolve then to reapply Hail/Snow Warning, to beef up your Damage and also your Defences. From then on, you are a wrecking ball. Be smart about when you use Protect. The combo of just Reuniclus and Abomasnow brings so much early damage. I’ve realised the job of those two is to sweep as much as possible at the start, to ensure the rest of the Pokemon can finish. It’s helpful if Reuniclus stays alive, so you can reapply Trick Room. It’s rare when it’s wise to switch Reuniclus out.



7 Dec

I bought Pokemon Y when it got released and I loved it. I have enjoyed playing the main-series Pokemon games since I was given Pokemon Blue for Christmas in 1999. The side ‘distraction’ games were fine, but it was Pokemon Main Series that I stuck to.

The Pokemon Colosseum and XD games were fun. But were crippled by the console format. It’s tough having to share a TV with the family. It was a game that was difficult to pick up and put down.

Pinball was pinball.

And Conquest was… interesting. Fun gameplay, but at the end of the campaign, everything reset. The only thing that changed were Pokemon who evolved. It meant within a campaign you wanted to evolve an amount of Pokemon to feel like you hadn’t wasted your time. What made Pokemon Main Game series good was that anything you did felt productive. Even getting 1 exp.

Mystery Dungeon was fun, but I can’t remember it. I also recall being annoyed that I couldn’t evolve any of my team in till finishing the main story.

But lets talk about the main series of games.

Pokemon Y (and X) have been the first Pokemon game I have really-really enjoyed since Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire. Why? Aesthetics and general good gameplay. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum had a weird aesthetic. Sprites on a 2.5D world. It looked weird. It looked fuzzy. You went from the crisp Emerald to the murky Diamond. B/W/B2/W2 didn’t improve it much. It felt like they used the same engine, but they tried to cram in more detail that looked fuzzy. ERS pushed 2D sprites as far as it could go, and it looked vibrant and pretty. At the end of the day, Pokemon to me is a fantasy I yearn for, so anything that reminds me that it’s just a game ruins my enjoyment. The reminder is moving about in the DPPlBWB2W2 world and seeing the 2.5D view shift.

In Pokemon XY, they have gone through the darkness of 2.5D and emerged in the world of crisper 3D. It’s not perfect. The characters’ heads are stuck onto their bodies by a cylinder, but I don’t spend all the time staring at their necks.

What I also love about Pokemon YX is how assessable battling is with other trainers. Before you relied on a link cable (and people wanting to interact with you) and living in a city/town. And then, you relied on poaching player trainer numbers. Now you can queue up for a battle with [b]anyone[/b] who also queued up (like with a lot of matchmaking in other multiplayer competitive games). Because I am now older, I find the contained Pokemon game as lonely experience. I want to share it with others. Therefore I enjoy battling others because I get to bring the pain. As a result I have taken an interest in ‘Competitive Battling’.

I don’t aim to compete in any tournaments, but I like to do my hobbies to the best of my ability. I enjoy knowing fully what I am doing. If I just battled randomers with 6 Pokemon built however I wanted (without any knowledge of competitive battling), I would probably lose and not know why. I would get angry at “cheap” Pokemon tactics or get angry at people “who take it seriously”. The best way to avoid those problems is to take it more seriously myself.

Armed with the not entirely reliable knowledge from and the very reliable (if sometimes very optimistic) Verlisify ( I have been training some Pokemon or half-teams that function efficiently. I think optimism with regard to Pokemon’s competitive power is good. It encourages a more diverse Pokemon use amongst all players. It would be boring if everyone used the “Uber” tier Pokemon. It’s encouraging that the vast majority of final-evolution Pokemon have potential power (be it a sweeper who needs support, or a good support Pokemon in doubles).

I’ve been using their information to train great Pokemon which I can use in the future, but also to understand the thinking and theory behind Competitive Strategies. After two months of reading and listening, I have composed a team of 6 Pokemon (I sincerely like the aesthetics of) that I believe will be viable. I plan to post the team in a future post, and then do a blogpost whenever I tweak it/any interesting developments. I’m doing it for myself (as a reference of the evolution of this team), but also to share it if the team ends up working very well. I do have some doubts with my initial draft, but I need to construct the team first before I know if my worries are justified or not. I am currently trying a Wonder Trade Playthrough of Pokemon X, but I will start to build the team after a X break (I don’t need to finish X in till Pokebank).