How to: Not Play #1

27 Oct

This is going to be a series of small articles that will basically tell you how not to play HoN/DotA (and usually LoL).

These are based of observations of things that have happened in games I’ve played.

  1. Do not avoid having a hero in your team that can initiate. You don’t need one to actually win. But it will certainly make things easier if you reach late-game and mid-game ganks.
  2. Do not creep pull with a camp that hasn’t been stacked. It will cause more harm than good. Chances are, that the creep wave will push right up into your tower’s range. The tower will push the lane back. You will also have 1.5 of your wave fighting a 1 wave from the enemy. Your creeps will continue the push. Also, towers make it very hard to carries to last hit.
  3. Do not let yourself get cut off by the enemy. This happens all throughout the game. But the time where it can catch you out is during the lane phase. You might be harassing the enemy, and then your creeps get wiped-out and the enemy creeps charge forwards. You hide in the jungle, but the lane pushes past your lane’s entrance to the jungle. This results in you emerging behind the enemy creeps in a vulnerable position. You will probably die if the enemy has a control-ability.
  4. Do not compete for last hits with an allied carry. If you’re a carry, go somewhere else to farm. If you’re not a carry, stop last hitting or go somewhere else.
  5. Don’t auto attack the creeps during the lane phase. It pushes the lane more than it needs to. If you’re babysitting it makes it very hard for your carry to actually last it. Stop it.
  6. Do not beg for wards unless you have been warding yourself. It’s just ironic and it annoys people.
  7. Never rage at your team. Try to find a constructive and clear way of saying what you mean to say. Being angry achieves nothing and might even be damaging to your chances to win the game.
  8. Do not try to carry as a Support Hero. Carrying as a none-carry happens by accident, not by purpose. If you’re solo laning mid/side lane, you will still need to support after the lane phase ends. Just because you’re mid/side lane doesn’t make you a carry. Likewise how mid Pebbles/Pudge aren’t carries. They just snowball from ganks if they ever end up carrying.
  9. Do not use the word “noob”. You’ll just look like a noob.
  10. Do not buy two couriers. Check the text log at the start of the game to make sure it doesn’t happen. It’s just a waste of gold. A team can survive with one flying courier happily.
  11. Do not ignore the minimap. Just because you do not have wards, it doesn’t mean you’re entirely blind. You still have some (limited) vision of what’s going on. Use deduction and psychology to calculate where the enemy might be. The more games you play, the better understanding of what enemy movements might be.

I hope you find these points useful.

And yes, this is me venting. But at least I have turned my anger into something constructive (see point #7).

Try to not do something that will end up on this list in the future.


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