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A tangent

12 Aug

You may have noticed that despite pledging months ago that this blog would be about mock guides about supporting, I haven’t actually posted any yet. Maybe the reason that I haven’t was because it was a lot of work. Thing is with mock guides, for the best effect they need to be true. They have to have a sort of distorted truth for maximum effect. I can’t just pull up a guide for Sandwraith and have it say “buy wards and an Astrolabe” and leave it like that. I have to think carefully. The guides have to function.

As a result I will write guides for Mid Wars. I’ve been playing a lot of Mid Wars since it was released so I am very experienced with heroes and builds. I won’t lie to you and guess for heroes I am not experienced with.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of heroes will build differently from their proper game builds because the primary form of farm is from hero kills. Also a lot of hard supports will be able to gain a lot of gold. This gives them to opportunity to push themselves into one of their lesser roles much harder. Reversely, some heroes who existed in the limbo of Support and Carry via nukes will find themselves sliding closer to support.

To get things started, I will produce a list of items that I strongly would not recommend, and then if I remember, list a set of items that might have been overlooked.

Items to try to avoid

Alchemist’s Bones. Mid Wars games end more swiftly than normal games. As a result the item won’t repay themselves back as quickly. You will rarely ever get any quiet farming time, so the niche of these gloves are virtually none-existent. I would only build them for heroes that have literally no way of gaining farm; Warbeast. Then again, why even play Warbeast in Midwars? You will also want to put your gold into an item that makes you: Tankier/Damagier/Usefulier.

Codex Level 2/3/4/5.Codex level 1 is fine for heroes that want a bit of extra burst, like Thunderbringer, Parasite, Fayde etc. Like normal games it’s not advised to level it up further. This would be at the cost of building for survivability, more consistent damage or more utility. Basically the more you rank up the codex, the less value for money it is.

Mock of Brilliance*. This has an * as it’s  not entirely un-advised. It’s a great pick up early game if you happen can afford it. It provides a scary amount of early game auto attack damage and a painful AOE magic aura for squishy enemies. Bear in mind if the enemy is stacking magic armour. Mock in some regards helps Sandwraith establish himself as not being useless. It is useful to interrupt Portal Keys. Build it under the same circumstances as a normal game, but be aware that you’re in mid wars now. The pace of game is different. It shouldn’t be made for the sake of pushing and farming.

Doombringer. If it’s a stalemate, and your team can’t be bothered to itemise to adapt, don’t make a Doombringer to make you think you can win. You’ll just die and give the enemy the Doombringer. Doombringers ruin Midwars. Doombringers are made by pricks who then throw the game because they were reckless and arrogant. Don’t be a prick. Don’t throw the game. Don’t build a Doombringer.

Nome’s Wisdom. In less you’re building it as part of a certain build, don’t build it. Its effect will be unnoticeable.

Puzzle Box. Great for revealing and does a lot of damage. Very long cool down though and given max ress timer is 15 seconds, 3/4 end game team fights you won’t have the item. There are better options.

Restoration Stone. Same argument as above, but it has a much much longer CD. If you believe that chaining two Vortexes as Tempest can let you win then make it. Otherwise it’s just another button to use.

Shrunken Head. This is the big one. All your life you have been taught to build a Shrunken head most occasions in normal games. Then suddenly in the context of Mid Wars I am telling you to not make it. Reason being, the effect is very nice. Supper nice. Unfortunately, it has a cooldown. A long cooldown. In normal games, you use it and genocide the enemy/get genocided. Then there’s a wait for 65 before the next major engagement begins. In the time it comes off CD (like the previous abilities that I disrespected due to cool downs). Sadly in Midwars, the ress timer means that fights happen more often especially in the late game. Meaning it’ll be on CD when you need it. Another problem is that generally the enemy team will have a superior magic/physical stun of some form. Even if they have heroes without them, eventually one of them will build a Savage Mace or Brutaliser. So if you were going to use it to pull off your ult without worry, you’d still have to worry. It’s best practise to have perfect positioning.

Now for the list of items to Consider

Barbed Armour. If you’re not a carry, you will be building tanky. You will be very likely against enemy carries with low health. Pop Barbed Armour when they attack you and you will punish them. Either they will hurt themselves a lot or refuse to attack you so much.

Void Talisman. Is a mid game option. Late game you’re better off going pure damage sponge for the tank-style as there will be some sort of magic damage flinging around.

Anti-Stealth Items. There will be some enemy trying to be smart and Build a Shroud or Genjuro.

Gravelocket/Sacrificial Stone. The charge stays permanently even if you die.

Brutaliser. You will be against someone trying to carry. Make their job harder by building this. I’d build it when there’s a 0.75 attack speed delay (including the Attack Speed form the Agility bit) and you’re melee. This means you will definitely stun them for 1 second every 3 seconds. There’s a cooldown of 2 seconds.

Tablet of Command/Windspirit. Utility items that scale. A disable or positioning manipulation will always be effective regardless of damage and defence. Barrier Idol and Astrolabe do go obsolete quickly for example as it’s a static damage absorb and heal.

Insanitarius. Since a lot of traditionally none-Carry heroes, especially Strength have to option to push for a more carry build (after a few of their traditional items), Insaniterious becomes an option. For an example. Take Behemoth. Insanitarius+Runed Axe+Rift Shards+Enrage = A horrific amount of damage. I’m not saying that’s the build you should go as Behemoth. But it is potentially painful.

Stay tuned for guides and my philosophies.

Stay Merry!