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Support Wars

27 May

As of over a fortnight ago, S2 unleashed an official Mid Wars map to the world. All the joys of constant suicides and snarky Flint Beastwood players in a format that awards pitiful amount of silver coins if you win and not much less if you lose. From a Silver coin collection point of view, you may as well throw the game to make your team lose quicker. You can do this as these games are unmonitored so… have fun being a dick.

Hopefully this will be my most sincere guide to date. But feel free to bet how long it takes me to lie. I mean, be sarcastic.

Midwars supporting is different from normal supporting. Here, all heroes have the potential to have epic farm. There is no point in baby sitting. No creep camps to stack, and generally not being anyone’s bitch. It’s one giant team-fight with a lot of ‘Playing Chicken’ in the start. It’s all about teamwork and shizzle. Use your abilities to prevent your team from dying (denying the enemies gold and exp). The majority of exp and gold comes from the constant massacre of heroes, so if you can kill the enemy, and keep your team alive, you have a great chance at winning. This might sound obvious, but tell that to my team mates.


There are some use of wards in this mode.

  • Common ward site is giving vision of the only rune spot. This lets you see immediately what rune it is and warns you if the enemy is going for the rune as well.
  • If the enemy has traditional jungling hero that can take the Orange camps at level 1, then use a ward to keep this camp perma-blocked. The jungling hero will gain exp and gold advantage if they’re able to kill this camp every x:00 on the clock. Also it means there are only 4 heroes mid to share the creep experience. This means your team will have a 20% experience advantage over the enemy. Action in the start is small, often trading spammy AoE spells soyou can afford leaving your team a man down. Often the jungling hero is useless at low levels anyway, hence why they’re often jungling in proper games.
  • Ward the enemy TP exit area thing. Lets you gank freshly spawned enemies. Useful for sitting down on a dangerous enemy (like Flint). Also provides defensive vision for pushing and usual ward yadderness.
  • Ward around the Transmutenstein area. This might not be worth it. Only advantage is defence against sneaky enemies trying to flank you whilst you pay attention to mid. It lets you see if the enemy is doing it, the enemy would gain Tokens of Sight (true sight AoE on the carrier) and all runes  for 1 person (DD, Haste,Illution, Regen, Invis(?)). You can ‘deny’ yourself here if you are low healthed and it’s quicker to die to a neutral than run back. It means the enemy won’t gain gold/exp for your death. Sight will let you see a low hp enemy go here and perhaps you can murder them.


Damage in Midwars is often higher than normal games due to people’s builds and the intensity of gold generation. Defensive support items like Astrolabe/Barrier Idol are situational for being built. They are very strong early game and may even let you tip the balance to win, but chances are you will replace them near the end. 400 magic absorption is great at low level and farm. It’s not great when you have a MQ chain bouncing for 1k first target. Magic damage is the least of your worries then.

This is why Active Support items like:

  • Windspirit
  • Tablet of Command
  • Hellflower/Sheepstick

are awesome. They are support items whose effects scale. Windspirit is immunity to all damage and a disable. Tablet is useful for control of positioning. Hellflower/Sheepstick controls. Hellflower increases damage taken whilst Sheepstick disarms.



Not everyone in Mid Wars will get farm. Melee heroes instantly have the disadvantage as they have a smaller early game presence than ranged heroes. If they risk grabbing the last hit on a creep they may find themselves dead due to being ‘out of place’ and the enemy took the opportunity. Likewise with fights. You can risk engaging to get the killing blow on a hero, but chances are you’ll be instantly focused on. Melee heroes must rely on the efficiency of their ranged allies or the stupidity of their enemies. Once they do get farm, they will rip heroes apart. But will they ever get there? My thoughts are with you Sandwraith.

In a strange sense the Ranged capable heroes are the baby sitters of the melee exclusive heroes.

If a melee hero can never get the farm to be useful (Sandwraith), they can build supporty-items to be of some use. Ironically, the guides I do plan to create at some point which were meant to be sarcastic, can be applicable to Mid Wars. Quite ironic ey?

PS Make an Energizer.