Ward of Wardcraft

25 Mar

Before I start inventing these incredibly informative and factually correct hard core support guides, I need to first explain a few mechanics of supporting. There is no use being a support if you don’t know what exactly you’re doing. One thing which some supports choose to do sometimes, is ward.

Warding is a strange activity which some players seem to want to happen. There something to do with seeing at which end of the map a ‘rune’ appears. Apparently instantly knowing where it is (you only seem to need sight of one spot and use deduction to know shockingly) saves a lot of time usually for the Mid hero. Maintaining ‘control’ (blatant stealing) of the runes is a good way to stop dying. A lot of mess happens when a hero has access to double auto attack damage, maximum movement speed (which cannot be reduced), full heal  and mana restore and some annoying illusions. Illusions are the worst rune. They give you illusions of your character which can be used to scout with, be temporary wards offering sigh or be used to help harass/deny/last hit/kill. See? Utter wank. So yes, make sure your team have the runes, otherwise you’ll be complaining at mid for no ganks or at your support for not warding.

Supports shouldn’t on any account ward. It’s 100g for an item that offers little advantage. Further more, it can be destroyed if you’re able to reveal its location by various means (Wards of rev. Bound eye. Scout’s Eye ability). So that’s 100g you could invest towards more supportive items that helps keep your team alive or that Codex to ensure the enemy team doesn’t stay alive.

If you’re stupid enough to buy wards, bear in mind that the place ‘you should place them’ changes through out the game. What towers are standing dictates where to place your non-wards. Towers like wards offer useless vision of the surrounding area on the mini map. And unlike normal wards which you shouldn’t buy, they are very angry. The enemy tends to avoid these psychotic ‘wards’ until time has passed that they creed they must be obliterated. Wards give stupid vision of behind the tower as a safety precaution so you get early warning of the enemy coming to defend. Conversely, they can be used defensively based on your towers to see if someone’s coming to reap your soul as your team farms all game in the jungle.

Sometimes general vision of the enemy’s ancient creeps or jungle isn’t useful. It means you can get some easy gold and experience as there are often stubborn players who enjoy farming in the murky darkness of lack-of-map-vision. On the flip side, defensive wards for your team in similar places are nice, though they tend to give vision of passage ways rather than actual creep camps (having more vision of your jungle’s entrances is significantly more useful than instantly knowing if a big tasty Alchemist’s Bones target has spawned.) Kongor wards are useful in the late game. Don’t plonk a ward on the river’s floor. There’s a ledge to the right which you can use for rune warding which offers sight of Kongor’s cave entrance and the ancient’s shelf. Basically, the more visual information you can obtain with a ward, the better the position. That’s if you’re gullible enough to ward.

If you are unsure if you’re meant to ward or not depends on your hero: I won’t get good until late game:- Ward. The game will end by then anyway.

I can kill steal from people easily/The longer I survive, the more I can support my team:- Don’t ward. A squishy support will only feed the enemy’s support.

Sandwraith wards. Witchslayer doesn’t.


If you are warding, it’s a good idea to buy all the wards physically available to you. You don’t want some random twit buying a ward and placing it in a stupid place. You want all the wards. ALL THE WARDS. It also helps you get silver coins which you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten playing Sandwraith in a 20min game.

(I have deliberately contradicted myself in this article many times)


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