The Blame Game

19 Mar

I’m having trouble deciding how to start my mock-guides so they won’t start for a while. However, today I got the inspiration of another preliminary post. It takes some of the ideas from my general guide and expands on them.

The topic this time, is The Blame Game.

It is well established that Heroes of Newerth is a team game. Each player has their own role to perform based on their hero choice. Each player must do their duties to the best of their ability to maximise their chances of winning. Sadly you have been mislead. This is just a clever rouse. Heroes of Newerth is infact a single player game. Just like a single player game it is never your fault when you lose.

To help you play Heroes of Newerth better, you need to learn who to blame. The sooner as a team you can pin the blame of an individual for your loss, the sooner you can be redeemed. You never did any mistakes didn’t you? I will give you a series of factors to consider when blaming someone by lane and then by game stage. Factors that are common I won’t repeat, much.


SIDE LANE (2 players)

It is mid’s fault for not ganking

It is mid’s fault for not getting runes

It is mid’s fault for not farming

It is S2’s fault for creating OP heroes

It is S2’s fault for not balancing OP/UP heroes.

It’s other lane’s fault for not calling SS (fast enough)

It is my lane partner’s fault for:


not creep pulling

not harassing

not being aggressive enough with spells

being too aggressive with spells

pushing the lane

auto attacking creeps (this is applicable to the above)

not farming

not denying


Lane (Tri)

Not iniating/harrasing enough

Carry not farming enough


Lane (Solo side)

OP combo

Jungler not creep pulling

Jungler not counter warding the warded creep pull spot potatoes

Mid not ganking

Jungler not ganking



Side lanes feeding

No one wards the creep spots

Side lanes push too hard

Side lanes permanently OOM

Side lanes not ganking mid

Side lanes not denying rune control

Side lanes denying you rune control


Team Fight/Roamy Stage

Blame the player who is too busy farming to help in team fights

Blame the player who was taking part in team fights and not farming

Blame lack of wards

Blame the player who goes to ward when you’re team fighting

Blame the player who dies when warding

Blame the player who doesn’t initiate

Blame the player who keeps dying due to being focused. They’re such a noob!

Blame the player who keeps kill stealing off you. As a Pyromancer, you’re a harder carry than The Dark Lady.

Blame the lack of upgraded courier

Blame the players who didn’t help you solo push

Blame the players who didn’t help you kill Kongor

What are counter wards?



I hope you appreciated my conditions for blame. Knowing who to blame is the first step to being a proper Heroes of Newerth player.

As mid when ganking,  gank the hero with least carry potential. They tend to die quickly. As long as you get kills, it doesn’t matter if the enemy carry gets farm.



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