An introduction

7 Feb

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Merrymaker Mortalis. This blog will be about all things dry and sarcastic. There will be sincerity, but it will be hard to see amongst the dry humour. As a result, you needn’t feel bad for not laughing at little jokes you didn’t find funny because ‘I may have been serious’. I did have a blog on Blogspot under the same name, but some posts got a little too personal. For some reasons I thought random people on the internet would want to read about the personal lives of someone they didn’t know. They probably would, but the sensible ones wouldn’t.

I will hopefully carry on the ‘feature’ that spawned from the old blog where I ‘ripped apart’ idiotic forum posts (from the World of Warcraft community). It will most likely be themed around Heroes of Newerth this time now as I’ve stopped playing WoW and I’m not familiar enough with SWTOR to have a leg to stand on when judging others.

On the subject of HoN (Heroes of Newerth) I hope to provide a sincere collection of guides teaching players how to support; with heroes who are not strictly support heroes. This is going to be partly sarcastic as this idea spawned from the number of games I’ve played when solo queued with the Matchmaking, picking a hard carry, and ending up having to ward or my team shafts me so badly I am never in the position to carry, ever. So these guides are for those players who are stuck in a rock and a hard place where they are cornered into supporting with a hero that simply does not support. Usually when the penny drops when said players realises they’re the support, they’re not in a position to mentally process how to start supporting. My guides will remedy this. As Heroes of Newerth is a team game, then every hero has the potential to support.

Don’t worry, I may still post rant posts, they’ll hopefully contain less caps lock and swearing.

See you on my first proper Blog post.

May you stay merry.

That’s an awful catchphrase.

Merrymaker Mortalis



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